Still life

This is my painting.

This is Margaret Bednar's Photograph.

She blogs at


  1. You are a great painter ... amazing painting ... seems so real !!!

  2. This is realism. You are so gifted!!

  3. I had to pop in to tell you how amazing the painting is ... what a talent!!!

  4. Nice work! I'd be honored if you'd paint one of my photos.

  5. Sreeja, I think you have incredible talent. Your painting is more beautiful than my photograph. I am drawn to the brush strokes on the cherries and am fascinated my the reflections. Well done, and thank you. I hope you are able to find another of my photographs to inspire you again someday.

    1. This is an award for me....thank you Margaret.....

  6. Absolutely beautiful - and I'm happy the photographer of such a great picture admired your painting so much, as well. When I was a child, the house we lived at for the longest time had, among other wondrous things, a pear tree and four cherry trees. Now, when I see cherries, I always think of this poem: "Every Day You Play" by Pablo Neruda with its remarkable ending lines:

    "I want

    to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees."

  7. Thanks a ton for this support....
    Childhood memories are always special....

  8. WoW...ur painting looks more original than the digital picture.
    You are a great creative person
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  9. A beautiful painting ~ The color on the cherries just sparkle ~


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